Ninth legacy sponsor comes from a family involved in the club. The wonderful Celia Wilkinson recently held her 70th birthday party. Instead of cake and presents, Celia asked her guests to donate to the club. What a fantastic gesture - raising £350 for the club. Celia, Matt and Kieran now have a square dedicated to their efforts for the club xx.

Eighth legacy sponsor goes to the fantastic android app creating company, Whimsical Otter. You can find them here. The owner, Ben Sherlock commented:

"I originally grew up in Keighley and went to school in Skipton before moving to Newcastle. I've been following updates on this campaign via Facebook via an old friend. I can see the rationale behind the campaign and understand how important and positive this campaign is to the local community".

SJFC are delighted to announce LEGACY sponsor seven goes to Wilman & Wilman. If you have any estate agency or letting needs you can reach them here. Wonderful community spirit. We are delighted to welcome them to our family!

Legacy sponsor six in! - Danny Waterfield & Sutton Valley Aerials! Expert in TV Connectivity. Can you contact Danny on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all your connectivity needs.

Our fifth sponsor! - Stepping Stones Nursery & Out of hours club. A huge thank you and welcome to SJFC LEGACY!. You can find them here.

Third & Fourth sponsor is in. Very much appreciated - Sutton Village Committee. You can find them on Facebook.

Our second sponsor is in. Scott Mason has opted to dedicated a square to his kids - a lovely idea!

Our first sponsor is in. Thank you very much to Dobson Gaskets! Please continue to come forward and help such a wonderful cause.