All managers and coaches are encouraged to write match reports for their games and use the website to communicate with their parents. Some write the articles and then copy the link onto facebook - this is a good way to get people visiting the website and generate club interest. To be this, you need a login with Dan Akrigg can provide - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tag Dan SJFC on the manager's page. You login via the right hand side of the managers area. You then navigate to your respective team, which once logged in will have a sub menu to allow you to create articles. If you are writing a long match report, I strongly suggest writing it in MS Word or Notepad and saving regularly as you type - once or twice, coaches have spent time writing their masterpiece only to accidentally close the browser or the computer freezes and all is lost. 

Please be aware that non-competitive matches should not have the score in it. You cannot publish the result. This is a challenge for you and I have been there myself - how do you write it up? You can say that 'Freddy' scored a lovely goal with an assist from 'Daisy' - you can say that 'Matthew' played really well and got some great tackles in. You cannot say explicitely - 'we won 14-1 and Freddy scored 7 goals'. A 14-1 scoreline is not something to advertise - in fact its something the club and the league strongly discourage. The parents and the players do get a lot of benefit and motivation from these match reports - so please don't be disheartened if you cannot put all details down. Also, please rememer to mention your sponsors!



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